Nonprofit Health Care Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are also known as non government organizations are designed to cater to the needs of people who deserve urgent medical attention. The Red Cross society in the USA is one such nonprofit organization. The Red Cross society also spreads out its work to include areas like domestic/ community services, helping the needy and old, distribution of food packages and medicines and also for the upliftment of those who have been victims of war.

This great organization relies on its many volunteers and investors for it to keep on working. This unit is divided into many branches spread over 9 divisions, 900 blood banks and 700 clinics and is solely dedicated to helping people and saving lives during any calamity, natural/manmade.

This organization is approached by people who are in need of blood and it is not surprising to see that of the total amount of blood that is supplied throughout the United States 44% comes from the Red Cross itself.

It also caters to the needs of people requiring urgent tissue graft operations and has a special program known as the Tissue Services Program that was started to help such people. It has helped over a million people through this program and made a change in their lives. It also is one of the largest stock keepers of plasma and it supplies about a quarter of the country's plasma products. Apart from these this organization has craved out a name for itself where nucleic acid testing, research and leukoreduction programs are concerned. It is one of the most sought after nonprofit organizations when natural calamities like hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes strike.

Though the Red Cross is not a formal government agency certain charters were passed that enable it to function like a normal organization and reach out to people in need when calamities strike. When disaster strikes and wreaks havoc with the lives of people its first priority is to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical help to those in need. The organization consists of volunteers from various walks of life and it maintains a database of these people. It also maintains a database of a number of its international members.

The American Red Cross was a blessing to the people of America when hurricane Katrina struck the mainland uprooting the very foundations on which the lives of people were built on. The organization helped to care for the sick, provide medical attention to those critically injured, transport the wounded to hospitals apart from distributing essential commodities like hygiene kits, shelter, food and medicines. Volunteers also offered help to those who were emotionally shattered.

However even after all the help that was provided the organization was writhing in a scam that described the ineffective and casual approach that was taken up by some of the volunteers. Now that the scam and its black face have been forgotten this organization has set out again on its mission of saving lives and providing help to those in need for long periods and see them through treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation. Even people like Reverend P. Popoff are constantly looking to use their religion to help people in need.

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